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RedTag-19  provides a comprehensive approach to support our local authorities in responding to COVID 19.

COVID Testing:

Our highly qualified personnel can set up and take down testing sites within days notice. We can set up drive through sites, mobile testing sites, walk up testing sites.

COVID Staffing:

We provide medical and non medical personnel to optimally staff testing and vaccination sites, quarantine hotels and management staffing,  abiding by the requirements of the state officials. We also provide transport staff and security staff for testing sites. 


A community driven approach where participating devices exchange proximity information whenever a contact tracing app user detects another device with app installed.
The app will record the proximity and duration of an encounter between two app users.
This proximity and duration information is stored on ones phone for 28 days in a rolling basis anything beyond that would be deleted.
An application to get notified if the user has been exposed to COVID-19 case without collecting any personal data based on short location information mainly using phone Bluetooth
Advance notification which involves your location will help to locate clusters


Our company will work closely with local governments to provide vaccination to our community members.

Meeting regularly with local authorities,

Planning and setting up vaccination sites,

Storage and transport of vaccines,

Staffing and Administration of vaccines

Security of the vaccination sites,

Maintaining electronic database and inventory



Our heroes


Comprehensive Approach



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